Friday, 19 June 2009


Hey Wassup Peeps ??? This is the secound edition of my Classix Mix Collection ....'DJDAREDEVIL THE CLASSIX VOL.2.' For Those of you who gave me feedback on Vol.1. Thanks for your support ..Let me know what you think of Vol.2. and watchout for Vol.3. Currently in the making !!!!....Download DJDAREDEVIL THE CLASSIX VOL.2. HERE

1. Intro (shouts)
2. Erule - Listen up(Juggled)
3. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump up to get beat down(Diamond D ins, Cuts + Shouts)
4. Milano - Deal with a feeling(juggled)
5. Scaramanga ft-GodfatherDon - Special Efx
6. Real Live - The Turnaround
7. Smut Peddlers - One by one
8. Non Fiction - I Shot Regan(Cuts+Juggles)
9. Mobb Deep - Drop a gem on em
10.The Large Proffessor - The Mad Scientist
11.HydraBeats Produced By The Beatnuts - Gunna fly so high
12.O.C + Freddie Fox - M.U.G

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  1. Dope! As always bro, cheers for this, posting it on the blog as I type, keep up the good work, always appreciative of your amazing talents, highly anticipating the next installment and/or mix.