Sunday, 15 February 2009

DareDevil Classic Mix Vol.1.

Hey wassup people ? Here is a new mix I did this week , I havnt done one for a long time , Its a selection of HipHop Classics ...please download and give me some feedback !! heres the playlist....
1. DareDevil Intro
2. Royal Flush - 'Dwelling In The Rotten Apple'(juggled)
3. Master Ace - 'TopTenList'
4. Sadat X - 'The Interview'(juggled)
5. Bumpy Knucles and Pete Rock -'Mind Frame'(juggled + freestyle scratch)
6. The Beatnuts - 'Find That'(juggled)
7. Gangstarr - 'Gota Get Over'(juggled)
8. Notorious B.I.G - 'Kick In The Door'(juggled)
9. Shades Of Brooklyn - 'Survival War' (with freestyle scratch)
10.Gage ft Cella Dwellas 'Cranium Remix'(juggled)
11.Redman - 'Whateverman' (over original beat,Mic geronimo men vs many instr,keith murry the rhyme instr + with freestyle cuts)

download here ....


  1. You already know I love this mix bro but this is for everybody else, DOWNLOAD IT, NOW. I will also be promoting this mix on my blog too, will post it tomorrow, don't have time today unfortunately, keep up the amazing work, massif props! Peace

  2. Same here..this was a great mix..continue doing your thing & i'll post on my blog today..

  3. Yes yes this rocked my journey to work! Promoted on my Vocalswords blog too